Technical Aspect

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TECHNICAL ASPECT In the technical aspect it identifies whether the services rendered could be the highest possible quality level with minimum cost. In this aspect we will discuss the equipment and other computer application we use in the business. We purchase the equipment as packages in order to lessen our expenses. Hardware and Software is our much focus aspects. We did researching on how much the Hardware and Software will cost us, through net surfing. The internet connection we used is a package plan PLDT DSL with telefax phone amounting to P2,799. 0 with the capacity of 10 computers and have a speed of 2 Mbps (megabytes per second). In hardware aspect, our target number of PC is 10 (monitor-flat screen, keyboard, mouse, webcam), 3 in 1Printer, Scanner & Photocopier. In Software, we will be installing original Operating System of Windows 7 as the latest operating system and MS Office Professional 2007 likes MS Word, Excel, Power point, Access, Desktop Publishing and installing the popular on line games such World of warcraft , CounterStrike, Battle Realms, Dance Audition, Auto Jam, and we will be installing Norton 360 version 3. premium for our anti-virus and anti-spyware. We offer other service to customers likes printing in black and white and colored prints, DVD/CD burning, photocopying. telefax, scanning and payphone. List of Hardware Brand name Amount Package PC’s intel athlonPhp. 17,500. 00 3 in 1 PSC HP Officejet 2610 Print/Scan/Copy Php. 14,500. 00 Computer application software Amount OS MS Office 2007 Php. 19,200. 00 Game software: Warcraft (dota) Php. 1,450. 00 Counterstrikes Php. 350. 00 Battle Realms Php. 720. 00 Dance Audition Php. 1,968. 00 Autojam Php. 1,968. 00 Anti-virus and anti spy ware Php. 10,800. 00 MANPOWER Manpower requirements are very important to any business in order for them to have an intelligent and accurate people who will manipulate inside the firm. Requirements will serve as basis on personal and general background of an employee enable for the company to know the capacity of their skills and ability to do the work that is assign to them. Business owner will be in charge in human resource. The personnel of the Internet cafe will be the industrial partner who works by shift, 8 hours a day, the first shift is from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm while the second shift is from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm and the 3rd shift will be 10:00 pm to 7:00 am. A walk in technician will be called in case if computer malfunctions and he will visit then the shop/cafe twice a month. Walking Technician P 1,000. 00/visit twice a month ESTIMATED ANNUAL COST FOR MANPOWER For Walking Technician—– P24, 000. 00/year (2000*12) Additional budget allocation for computer troubleshooting Php. 500 (500*12) (Just incase our technician is not available. ) MANAGER Ms. Ma. Normita Cava Ms. Jacquelyn B. Santos ACCOUNTANT Ms. Evelyn Macabodbod CASHIER/COMPUTER ASSISTANT Ms. Angelica Aquino Ms. Katherine Trinidad I. T. Mr. Tomy Alejandro OPERATION OF A BUSINESS Factors that we consider while putting up our own Internet cafe o Location- Picking a good spot and we’ll hit us a gold mine.

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