Team-Working Is the Most Effective Means of Organisation

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Private & Confidential September 2009 ACADEMIC ESSAY Course Bachelor of Environmental & Occupational, Health and Safety EOHS Management I OHSE 2740 Tan Kah Siong 3105713 Module & Code Name of Student Student Number Critically Discuss The Notion That Team-Working Is The Most Effective Means of Organising People To Get Things Done. 1. 0 INTRODUCTION An old man was dying so he summoned his sons to give them some parting advices. With him, were some chopsticks, he then said to his eldest son: “Break them”. The son strained and strained, but could not break the bundle of chopsticks. The other sons also tried, and were not successful. The father then said, “now, each of you take a stick and break it”. Then, each of the chopsticks was broken with ease. “You see my meaning, union gives strength”, said their father (1). I am sure most of us would have heard of this story and the morale is the limitation of one’s single effort and the effectiveness of unity, which in this case, TEAMWORK. Ever since many decades ago, human already knew the importance of teamwork. That is why most of the sports (e. g. soccer, basketball) require more than one person to play. Even for those single player sports (badminton, table tennis), team plays are also available. Moreover, there is never a one-man army but platoons of soldiers defending a country. All these show that teamwork has a long history in our daily life. Hence, I strongly agree that team work is an effective way of organising people to get things done. I would continue to further illustrate my stand in this essay. TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More. Page 1/6 2. 0 OWN EXPERIENCE As part of my Polytechnic final year project requirement, we were to do a project in a group of 3 members. Through our hard work and team work, we manage to do well for this project and were awarded to participate in the final year project exhibition. However, we only had 4 weeks to prepare for this and to make matter even worst, our final year examination was also during this period ! Not only must we attended our classes and revised for the examination; we must also prepared for the exhibition ! We had to write up a lengthy report, gave a presentation and to coordinate and ensured the smooth flow of our exhibition within such a tight schedule. My members and I decided to split the work according to our expertise and interest. For example, member A did well in the module of Entrepreneurship, thus was tasked to prepare the Business Plan. On the other hand, I was tasked to write up a product report as I had more knowledge on our prototype. We decided to meet twice a week to update on our work and to check on the group’s progress as a whole making sure our work was in sync. I had no reservations about the hard and long hours of work we put in during this difficult period.

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