Teacher’s Pay

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Teachers have an imperative role in our society, they play a major part in the lives of children by assisting them to acquire the knowledge they need.Teachers have always been shaping the future by educating their students with passion and providing support. In our society today teachers don’t get the appreciation, respect and money they deserve.There is a major misconception in our society where we seem to overlook the teacher’s duties and the amount of pressure they face each day. Teachers deserve to be paid a reasonable rate and given appreciation for their hard work .Many people would agree that teachers are relied on to educate and guide their students to the best of opportunities.

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We extremely depend on teachers to shape children into bright and well educated individuals. People don’t get into teaching for the higher pay rates ,but instead they enter this field because of their passion to pass on knowledge and make a difference in children’s lives. Teachers in victoria earn about $60,000in their first year compared to a electricinist who makes up to $80,000 a year which is a very shocking amount. Teachers are expected to teach, provide, support and work outside hours.

As our generation continues to grow the demand on teachers skills increases, they are expected to prepare students for the future and counsel them.Teachers use counseling techniques daily and our society fails to realize that they are, an example of this behavior is when students misbehave teachers approach with respect and discuss how they can respond to the situation differently, that is a basic form of cognitive behavioural therapy. Teachers are not trained to counsel students,

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