Taxing Unhealthy Foods to Overcome

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Obesity has been a rising issue in the United States in the last couple of decades. It is estimated that approximately 34% of adults and 15-20% of children and adolescents in the U.S. are obese.

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(Mitchell, 2011) In order to combat these rising numbers, there have been multiple propositions on how people can prevent becoming obese. Of course, programs have been utilized nationwide such as Let’s Move, a program started by Mitchell Obama that targets school aged children. This program primarily encourages children to exercise daily in order to stay healthy and avoid becoming overweight.In order to become healthy, an individual must not only consistently exercise, but they must also eat healthy. By eating a healthier diet and drinking more water, people are able to avoid trans-fat or saturated fat that can cause them to become obese.

In America, there is an overconsumption of junk food and unhealthy food as a whole because it is: convenient, relatively cheap, and tasty. Therefore, more people are consuming this type of food and becoming obese. One solution to reduce obesity, due to the overconsumption of junk food, would be to tax unhealthy foods in order to reduce their consumption. Americans should tax their unhealthy foods because it would encourage consumers to purchase healthier food, reduce the risk of diseases that are prevalent among people with obesity, and allow the future generation to live a healthier lifestyle. People with obesity are at a higher risk for other diseases such as cardiovascular diseases.

According to the CDC, more than 610,000people die from heart disease in the United States which means that is 1 in every 4 people. (CDC, 2015) By reducing the risk of obesity, people are able to avoid these cardiovascular diseases and reduce the mortality rates. Leading scientists and various researchers are now suggesting that by directing the attention to food consumption as a way to tackle the obesity epidemic, individuals will be able to become accustomed to eating healthier (Franck, 2013). The main idea behind the tax would be to allow consumers to choose a healthier food option because it is cheaper than junk food. Not only would the consumer benefit from the healthier option, but they will be able to save money on the purchase.

This would also encourage a healthier lifestyle which can be passed on to future generations. On the other hand, individuals argue that taxing junk food is unnecessary because all people really need is to be educated on healthier food options. Education is an important tacticto improve people’s food choices,

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