Target Rating Points

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Target Rating Points In marketing, Target Rating Points are a subdivision of the Gross Rating Points. TRP measures the percentage of viewers or listeners or readers that are considered to be interested or “in the market” for a particular good or service. In other words, a Gross Rating point would be the total number of viewers of an advertisement while the Target Rating Point would be the viewers that would actually take interest and consider a purchase of the product being advertised. Both the GRP and the TRP are critical elements in determining the marketing effectiveness of a particular advertisement. Target Ratings Points are an educated estimate of the Gross Ratings Points. Gross Ratings points are defined as the sum of ratings achieved by a particular media. They measure the total delivery volume of an advertiser’s message to the audience… The formula is GRP = 100 times reach times frequency. Frequency is defined as the number of times an average person or household is exposed to the advertising schedule. Reach is defined as the unique target audience section divided by the the total audience. This simple calculation is known as the reach x frequency formula. If an advertising campaign delivers a message 5 times to a population of 1,000,000 and there are 100,000 unique viewers then: 5 xs (100,000/1000, 000) x 100 = 50. Another example would be to imagine 100 home each with one TV. Each home would represent 1% of the total homes therefore each home would represent a 1 rating each time the television commercial air when the television in that home is on. If the advertisement aired a total of five times each home could possibly count as five Gross Rating points. Target rating points now, are a function of the gross rating point and can be represented as a percentage of the GRP.

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