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review history essay

Female Shamans in Eastern Japan during the Edo period In his article, “Female Shamans in Eastern Japan during the Edo period,” Gerald Groemer argues that Japanese Shamanism studies tend to focus on the psychologistic, folkloristic and phenomenological aspects (28). The history aspect is rarely discussed, and when it is... [ view article ]

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Existentialism In World Literature The Indian Review of World Literature in English, Vol. 1, No. I – Jan, 2005 EXISTENTIALISM IN ANITA DESAI’S FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN NAGAPPAN SETHURAMAN Existentialism as a philosophy is historically and culturally of European origin. Ever since it was... [ view article ]

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Remembering Houston’s National Women’s Conference Forty Years Later Today in Texas and the entire American population are reflecting on the National Women Conference that took place some forty years ago in Huston. The meeting took four days, and it was attended by over 2000 women who had been... [ view article ]

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