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research paper nursing essay

Managing Emotions in the Field of Nursing Managing emotions in the field of nursing is an important attribute to possess. Nursing comes with the emotional stress that comes with dealing the feelings of patients who are seeking health care. The trauma is associated with the turmoil and... [ view article ]

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The Evidence-Based Practice The Evidence-Based Practice in nursing is the area of concern for this discussion. An evidence-based practice refers to an approach to problem-solving to clinical decision-making in a healthcare organization. The EBP integrates best available scientific evidence that has best available... [ view article ]

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Health Assesment Of The Older Adult Question 1 Geriatric disorders, for instance, dementia and functional weakening are frequent and commonly undiagnosed or ineffectively addressed in elderly individuals. Recognizing geriatric illnesses by carrying out a geriatric evaluation can aid medical experts to control these disorders and preclude... [ view article ]

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