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Contemporary Art Space Originations of Space tend to show how contemporary artists keep on embracing spatial creation as a principal center of their work. The display uncovers how, past formal attributes and practical needs show the origination and verbalization of compositional space. It... [ view article ]

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The Relation of Artists to their Societies Introduction The relation of artists to the society is always complicated, and as discussed in the story The Sculptor’s Funeral by Willa Cather, it is clearly evident, that Merrick had been alienated from his own society. Due to the reception... [ view article ]

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Henry Ossawa Tanner Henry Ossawa Tarner was an American painter who lived between the years 1859 and 1937. His early paintings were associated with African Americans. In one of his most popular paintings, ‘The Banjo Lesson’, he depicts an older man training a... [ view article ]

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Hercules (Marble statue of a youthful Hercules) Antiquated Greek and also Roman legends are known to be polytheistic religions which rose in Western Europe numerous years back. Both of their way of life has faith in indistinguishable divine beings from well as demigods, otherwise called half-divine beings;... [ view article ]

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