Syrian Refugees

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Step two of the Justice test calls into question if the distribution is fair between all parties involved. In this case, both sides of the argument stand to gain and lose something. The Syrian refugees stand to gain a new home while being open to discrimination and prejudice.

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The country accepting refugees and its citizens stand to gain long-term benefits such as decreases in their unemployment and increases in their health care system. They also stand to gain cultural knowledge as well as more tightly knit communities. In this case, there would be a fair distribution of benefits and burdens between all the parties in this situation. Lastly, the third step of this test asks to draw a conclusion. The best conclusion would be for the United States to accept Syrian refugees as they would be providing individuals who have little to nothing a home along with safety. This test is a valid test as it gives everyone an equal share due to everyone being worth the same, therefore making sure that everyone has an equal claim to a share. The best option as far as this theory and test go is to accept Syrian refugees as it is the right thing to do and is just in its cause.

Another theory that can be applied when considering whether or not to accept refugees is the Communitarian or Community-based theory. This theory states that rather than basing the ethicality of a situation off of an individual’s happiness or the utility generated to the greatest number of people and centering it on the rights of individuals over the rights of the whole, the moral thinking within a community has a source in the historical traditions of it. This theory focuses on the idea of common good or shared value that a community embodies. Step one of this test asks to identify what specific parts of the common good are involved. For one, family, social, educational, and health care systems are all required for human growth, development, and happiness. On the other hand, a functioning government, peace, and legal systems are required for the production of goods and services as well as economic development. These are all parts of the common good that will be impacted by the introduction of Syrian refugees into the American culture. With Syrian refugees coming into the United States, they will be provided with more opportunities to help grow not only their families and learn more about the lives of American citizens, but those citizens will also be provided with the opportunity to learn more about them, their culture, as well as their religion. This in turn will help to create a more ethnically and culturally diverse country, therefore making it more open accepting to others.

Step two of the test asks to explain why there is an obligation for people to promote the common good,

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