Syrian Civil War

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About a week ago, you wake up to the news of the U.S. sending strikes of missiles attacking the nation of Syria. President Donald Trump claims that the international community is to blame for not settling the conflicts in Syria.

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As a result, the U.S. took the problem into their own hands and further involved themselves to calm the situation. This event is a result from the Syrian Civil War and the Syrian government attacking its own people with poisonous gas, killing dozens. This and many other incidents have caused Syrians to gather their belongings and travel away from Syria, attempting to go anywhere. It first began with lesser significant occurrences, like droughts and lack of work. These problems are not trivial, but slight in comparison to the war going on within the country. The Syrian refugees started migrating to countries across the Mediterranean Sea, like Greece and Turkey, Now, refugees have been recorded to migrate to other countries to avoid the war of Syria, like those in Eastern Europe and North America.

As far as the cause of the Syrian War, it all began around March 2011. Protests began to occur after teenagers were captured and tortured over paintings of revolutionary mottos. Once the protestors had organized a large group and stop obeying the security, the nations security forces had enough and began opening fire. This only opened up room for more activists to take to the streets. It ultimately became a battle between those who supported the government and those who rebelled it. Activists were upset from constant lack of freedom, economic troubles, and global problems like global warming. The rebels hoped to accomplish in the removal of President Assad and his forces to make room for a new government in which they can decide.

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