Syria, The U.S., And The Refugees

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Since the initiation of the Syrian civil war back in 2011, over 400,000 casualties have been reported by the UN. Among these casualties are innocent men, women, and children who have lost their lives during the conflict. As a result, many Syrian refugees have fled their country seeking liberty and aid in other foreign countries.

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Despite several nations opening their borders to these fleeing refugees, the United States has adamantly continued to turn their back on these innocent refugees. Many American citizens make impetuous claims that allowing Syrian refugees would bring difficulties to the nation without providing any evidence or context, beyond those equivocal claims, the Syrian refugee crisis has become a humanitarian problem. As the world power that it is, the United States should open their border to more innocent refugees who believe in Liberty and American values that would benefit the U.S and are looking for salvation from corrupt governments and extremist groups that oppose American ideologies.

One of the benefits the United States would gain from allowing entrance to more Syrian refugees would be the economic gain the United States could take advantage of. In a study performed by the University of Notre Dame, researcher Patrick Gibbons noted that since the refugee act of 1980, around 3 million refugees have entered the United States. The final outcome of his study was that on average it only costs $15,000 dollars for a refugees longer term settlement, and that by their 8th year they have exceeded those costs. On average refugees pay around 21,000 dollars in just taxes once settled into the United States. Given that the two biggest age demographics of the Syrian refugees are children and young adults, this is the prime age for long term settlement of refugees who could greatly contribute to the economy. With Baby Boomers facing retirement, inducing young workers to the labor force would greatly benefit the U.S in the long run net wise.

While the U.S would benefit from allowing in Syrian refugees, the inhumane treatment Syrians are receiving in Syria alone justifies the entry of refugees into American borders. Constant Airstrikes from each side battling the war are causing several innocent bystanders to lose their lives.

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