Swot Analysis Of Siddhartha Technologies Business Essay

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Located in Kathmandu, Siddhartha Technologies is a profit organistation which offer new ideas about ICT, Providing some training, providing information about ICT all around the Nepalwho don’t know about ICT, software development and consultancy services to different companies and organizations. We are specializing in web application design, programming, database design and administration,making desktop basesoftware (college,Hospital,Hostel,school) and network administration. We service our clients more effective and power full software all around the world.

1.2Mission Statement

Our promise to novelty keeps us focused on the future and being prepared at every level to service modify. Help customers get better our business performance by as long as world-class solutions via business and IT capabilities that influence our globally incorporated team of thought-provoking, fervent professionals. We build up quality software solutions utilizing ideas, citizens and technology (Metaoption, no date.)

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Make society to known about ICT and Its future scope Our focus lies on the profit to the consumer honesty and reliability Quality and accuracy Proximity to customers High software usability and decrease of preparation periods supple, tailor-made solutions for every consumer

1.4Five specific objectives

To become a process driven company, following the industry standards and benchmark. To become a global company, catering to transnational customers. To provide quality services and always be customer centric. To become the leading player in the Nepalese software industry. To protect shareholders interest in the company, and ensure fair returns on their investment. 2.1According to the member of Siddhartha Technologies , my role is to develop prefect an appraisal system for our organisation to handle the overall system of the organisation. First I will like to clearly, many mangers take on appraisal systems just because other organisations have them or maybe since it is seen as the right thing to do. This can signify that a business operates an appraisal system that does not fit its needs. As well, citizens are frequently unclear about what it is that appraisal really does. For most public with skill of appraisal, it is unavoidably linked with challenging issues such as pay awards or difficulty with act. Maybe this contributes to the bewilderment. Very few managers are obviously good in appraisal. We can see different types of Appraisal system. They are given below Performance Appraisal Performance appraisal is the assessment of an employee’s job performance. Therefore performance appraisal is the methodical and aim way of judging the relation worth or aptitude of a worker performing his / her tasks. The P.A system helps us to identify those who are performing their assigned tasks well and those who are not and the reasons for such performances. Behavioral Appraisals They focus more on observable aspects of performance. The actual behavior and actions of an employee which is exhibited in a job are assessed.

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