Swot Analysis And General Report On The New Jica Organisation Business Essay

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In this report more analysis about aspects of New JICA organisation has been clearly and in deep explored. The introduction part has covered about the Aim of this case study, the Background of JICA organisation covering its evolution starting where the organisation was first found. The use of SWOT analysis as a tool of evaluating the performance of the organisation has been in large covered where also the recommendations have been pointed out to cope with the organisation’s internal weakness and its external threats Also this report has covered the area of the organisation structure, importance of organisation structure, advantages and disadvantages of each type of structure and the organisation structure used by the New JICA.

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Also this report has explained the concept of management change, the meaning of change, principle of change, how to affect the management of change in the organisation. The last part cover the conclusion and recommendation of case study.


1.0 Introduction


The aim of this report is to determine whether the objectives of NEW JICA have been archived particularly in Tanzania. The action plans for Tanzania development as well the precise understanding of the development needs of Tanzania through supervision of country office and the close support of JICA Regional Strategy unit for Africa (RSA). The “Creation and promotion of sustained and stable growth of economy and poverty reduction by support of development policy ( MKUKUTA that means The national strategy for growth and reduction of poverty 2005-2010 ).New JICA help Tanzania to promote productivity and competitiveness by supporting the development of agriculture and infrastructure, good governance through financial management systems and public administrative development. Also JICA uses different aid modalities like loan, grants, technical cooperation such as training and dispatch of volunteers to different area of field in order to archive its targeted objectives JICA will boost the impact in the following approach. A more planned structure focus on average to long term development goal More expected aid functioning rolling plans of candidate projects for individual developing countries Speeder project formulation through preliminary survey Assistance tailored to actual requirements synergy of aid schemes


Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is an organisation which was established since August 1974 and undergoes some organisational reforms which lead to formation of Independence administrative Institution from the special public institution. All these was possible after the passage of the law for partial amendment (November 2006) from the Japan International Cooperation Agency law. This influences the thousands of (Japanese Overseas Cooperation Volunteers) JOCV to volunteer in different activities around the world.


JICA established the JICA Research Institute (JICA-RI) to improve research function on development by drawing on its abundant field experience and to contribute to research findings and leading consultation on global development support.

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