Summary Of Good To Great

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Summary of Good to Great “Good to Great”, the phase itself looks quite simple; however, in this book, it reviews us there is many multiple steps, and that require us to use our utmost efforts in order to achieve it. The main purpose is to find answer about how good companies to be great companies and how well of those companies after achieving. To deeper understanding, this paper provides a summary of the core concepts of each chapter as following. Why do we need to have a great enemy? In the book, it introduces the ideas that good to great concept can applies to any organization; for example, a good school to be a great school. Every human wants to be great rather than to be good. This concept, “Having a great enemy”, helps any organization see rooms for improvement, point out the comparison to perform better, and even just light up the idea of getting better. The book studies eleven companies for 15 years in becoming good-to-great companies and compares the performances to the competitors in their fields. The author, Jim Collins, uses his collecting data and applies them to provide the certain results. What is the leadership style in a good-to-great company? Obviously, Level 5 leader are found in every studied companies. The level 5 leader is the person who the combine humility and will. The leader has a view to bring in the success. Moreover, that person has a will to create something great to lift the organization up to the top. Most executives from good-to-great companies also points out luck is the factor driving the organization to the success. This action means the level 5 leaders are humble, and they will not say they make their organizations successful. The key point is every single person has ability and attitude that can become a level 5 leader, and it is worthwhile to give our efforts to achieve that. A good great team is essential for any good-to-great company. Who is the right and appropriate people taking responsibilities and cares on business activities? This is the certain first question should be promptly asked rather than raise the question what the strategies, products, or directions that companies will go through. Creating teamwork basis, it also helps any organization to avoid negative impacts on having alone commanding head in the top. Furthermore, it is more significant in terms of management to establish mind set of high quality and diligent to the team. The tips are finding someone that you surely are good fit to your organization, firing someone who is not matched, and give opportunities to them. The great company should call any good decision in the right time, and the good decision is made from the fact. The good-to-great companies must confront the reality where they do businesses. In the good-to-great company, it is important to create the climate of truth in the workplace. Without the truth, the top management will be reported something is not useful, and it may be too late for them to fix that certain problem.

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