Suicide Terrorism

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During my research with these four articles, I found that they all ask one important question. My research was about suicide terrorism, and the four articles are going to help explain my point. That one question is: why are suicide bombers considered as heroes and why do they get so much praise for what they do? Throughout the paper, I am going to weave these four articles to help answer the question I find so important throughout each of the the four reading.

In the first article written by Mia Bloom, Palestinian Suicide Bombing: Public Support, Market Share, and Outbidding, she asks one question. Throughout the article, she tries to answer why the opinion of Palestinian’s support suicide bombers. Bloom talks about how suicide bombings were intermittent and intended to undermine legitimacy of Palestinian authority as well as to negatively affect peace process (Bloom, 66). After the year 2000, the support for suicide bombers jumped tremendously in terms that groups did it to show power. Since Palestinians lives did not change near November 2000, Islamic Jihad as well as Hamas started a new type of violence were they would carry out missions of martyrdom operations to up their profile as well as win external donor support (Bloom, 69). During this time, it was getting major support from the public about martyrdom attacks and continued to increase over the next two years. Basically, this article talks about Palestinian organizations use suicide bombers to gain an edge over government because they were not getting what they wanted. They felt that they were not peaceful negotiations, so they took matters into their own hands and turned it into violence: suicide bombings. But we have yet to answer the question from this article, and according to Bloom she states that people chose to commit these bombings is because of fanaticism and despair (Bloom, 80). As within the other three articles, these bombers tend to be lower class citizens with few opportunities.

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In Hafez’s article, Rationality, Culture, and Structure in the making of Suicide Bombers: A Preliminary Theoretical Synthesis and Illustrative Case Study, he also talks about and tries to understand why suicide bombers blow themselves up and are considered heroes when they do these acts. Throughout Hafez’s piece, he gives different examples similar to what the other authors believe make people want to become suicide bombers. He talks about people wanting to do it for personal reasons because they feel as though their life does not start until the after life as well as religious reasons and traditions. He talks about two parts of suicide terrorism, rationalist and culturalist (Hafez, 167). Rationalist terrorism is like thinking rationally, you do things that you believe are the best way to handle certain situations. Culturalist terrorism is like doing things for a purpose and fulfilling what someone believes is the best way to handle certain situations,

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