Suicide Crisis in the United States

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The suicide crisis in our country has shown prevalence for over twenty years going back to 1996. Although it has been an issue for as long as it has happened, over the past decade, suicide has become one of the main top 10 causes of death in the United States (Greenwald, 2018). In 2016 alone 45,000 people committed suicide.

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(Greenwald, 2018) That number alone does not include the number of those who attempted suicide and did not succeed. If people aren’t attempting it, they may be contemplating the idea of it. What drives people to feel like suicide is their only choice? The reasons behind this crisis will vary from person to person based on their age, race, sex, personal history, personality traits and more (Kent, 2010). Young people are especially a large category of people who heavily deal with suicide. In particular, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender adolescents are at a higher risk of adverse mental health outcomes and may lead to suicide (Ahuja, 2016). People who are in a fragile mental or emotional state are more likely to look towards suicide for escape of their everyday problems. The suicide crisis in our country is quite complex but it can be partially prevented if we make it priority to teach people such as doctors and health care providers to be able to identify people at risk and follow up with them to assure that they are given help they need.


There are an infinite amount of factors that contribute to the suicide crisis in our country. One person’s circumstances can completely differ from others, yet they can both be experiencing the same suicidal tendencies. People endure so much negativity daily, one can only handle so much hurt till they reach a point where they feel as though there is no way anything can ever improve. Victims of suicidal thoughts are typically in a very fragile state of mind, meaning any negative event that they endure during this state has the ability to cause them to react in an irrational way. There are a variety of factors that people go through that give them suicidal thoughts. Some may experience heavy bullying on a day to day basis, some may have suffered through abuse, others may be leading an unstable lifestyle that they are not happy with. A big percent of people who commit suicide or have suicidal thoughts are linked to the LGBTQ community and are battling with the idea of suicide because they don’t feel accepted or are experiencing harassment due to their sexuality ( FIND LGBTQ STAT) These are all reasons why people are pushed towards suicide. In this day and age, social media plays a huge part in many people’s daily lives. People post on social media to express themselves and have fun with photos.

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