Substance Abuse In America

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Substance abuse has always had a constant presence in American culture but was never seen in the limelight. The society has always talked down on its victims and tried to shield the youth away. According to research, throughout the past four generations, every generation had addiction problems and this shielding process hasn’t helped.

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The youth and parents should be informed about the risks of substance abuse and schools should be taking on a larger role, instead of shying away from the problem. Since using substances at a young age can increase your risks of being addicted later on in life and change your brain structure, which can lead to triggering mental disorders, disabilities, and health problems. Not to mention the glorification of substances in the media has led to the youth normalizing them. Substances throughout the years have been incorporated more and more into our culture. In the past four generations, Millennials have been close to first in use of every substance and normalizing has done nothing but worsen the problem.

Understanding substance abuse and its causes are one of the main problems of this issue. Most people if not involved tend to tune out information and think of addicts as outsiders. When people think about substance abuse or drug addiction, in general, most people try to stereotype but in recent times, substances have been normality for the population and especially the youth. People that look sober could be abusing substance in their life. Their substance of choice could range from illegal drugs to substances like alcohol and tobacco. Their choice completely depends on the user. Some people abuse substances for their enjoyment, some abuse for what they have gone through in life, and some do it for both reasons. These reasons can go as in-depth as the consumer’s gender. For example, Marijuana is used more by males and this goes for most other addictive drugs. Similar to other addictive drugs, fewer females than males use marijuana.(Substance use in Women 2018) Another example of this can be seen in women. They are more likely to use prescription pills than men. A couple of reasons for this can be that women go through more pain than men. -women may be more likely to take prescription opioids without a prescription to cope with pain,-(Substance use in Women 2018) Women also have more access to prescription drugs -because women are also more at risk than men for anxiety and insomnia, it is possible that women are being prescribed more of these types of medications;(Substance use in Women 2018) Just like we’ve mentioned earlier their experiences could lead to them to abusing substances. An example of this can be seen in a specific study done on teenagers stating that -male high school students who smoke marijuana reported poor family relationships and problems at school-(Substance use in Women 2018).

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