Student-Athletes Should Be Paid by NCAA

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Professionals get paid to put their bodies on the line for the team they are playing for, why shouldnt it be the same for college athletes? It is true, collegiate athletes are considered extremely lucky because they are gifted with a multitude of scholarship opportunities to play for that school and are given the right amount of exposure to succeed and take their talents to the next level whether in sports or elsewhere. Nevertheless, college athletes are being mistreated by the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), and athletes, students, and even coaches are rising up to demand reform. People across the country, including myself, believe that college athletes should be paid (excluding school transactions such as tuition, etc.).

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The NCAA is taking advantage of college athletes, gathering huge profits while the players, who are putting their bodies on the line, dont see a dime.

In college, especially in higher ranked schools (in terms of sports), being a student athlete is a big commitment to take on, equivalent to a job. A good amount of your time is focused on that sport. You are constantly trying to get better and elevate to the highest level of play. Take into account that they are also students. They have classes and exams to worry about and while doing all of this, trying to maintain a social life at the same time. Although this is doable, it is still quite hard. According to NCSA, the typical day for a D1 football player starts 5:30 am and doesnt end until 12 am (NCSA). A large chunk of the day has to do with said sport and this wasnt even taking into account days where the athletes play a game for hours upon end and still have all these other responsibilities to pursue. So once again playing a sport in college (depending on the division or school) is similar if not the same as having a job and yet these players are not being compensated.

College sports wouldnt be as big as it is without the athleter’s great performances, and itr’s not fair that these hard-working players dont get to benefit from the money they are generating. The NCAA puts a college playerr’s name on jerseys and tons of other apparel and none of that money is ever even seen by the player. Student athletes should be able to receive a percentage of revenue generated on their account and also be able to sign business deals and engage in endorsement opportunities. There is a rule in the NCAA handbook stating that schools are forbidden from offering any form of compensation beyond a scholarship in exchange for a studentr’s talents,

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