Struggle With A Human Trafficking

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When it comes to security, it is no longer revolve around the traditional threats such as military confrontations or territorial disputes. Present world’s threats arise from modern, non-traditional threats such as natural disasters and transnational crimes. In the case of transnational crimes, human trafficking is seemed to be one of the most challenging. Human trafficking is a serious crime that has slowly been recognised as one of the most expensive, challenging and gross violation of human rights that is affecting international community. Until today, not a single country is immune to this phenomenon. Especially in the Southeast Asia region, trafficking in human beings is a complicated business that left no countries untouched. Human trafficking is a complicated struggle. There are various types of human trafficking, but the most common is the trafficking in women for sexual exploitation and trafficking for forced labour. These two are the most popular trafficking in human beings within countries in Southeast Asia. In a writing by Emmers (2004), he recorded that majority of illegal immigrants that entered a country, especially women often ended up in the sex industry. In terms of women trafficking for sexual exploitation, the countries in the Southeast Asia played different roles as the transit and receiving state. The Philippines and Indonesia are countries that became the source of woman that is to be smuggled. In fact, Emmers (2004) stated that the government of Philippines encouraged its citizen, specifically women to work abroad. This is where the women became sex slaves, when they did not realise they actually fell into the hands of irresponsible traffickers that forced them to work in the sex industry. On the other hands, Cambodia too is the source country, but slowly became the transit and receiving country. Thousands of Vietnamese girls were taken to Cambodia to become sex slaves and supply the sex trade and industry.

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