Stress Management

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It is important to know how to manage stress. Stress comes in when pressure in the mind more than it can comprehend. Stress may involve physical effects because the body releases hormones in response to anxiousness.

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The short-term effects of stress may include headaches, fatigue, behavioral changes, and the releases the Fight or flight hormone. Long-term effects of stress include ulcers, weight loss, and stomach upsets, reduced sex drive, chest pain among others. No matter how sad or bad the situation may be, there is always a way out. Thus, it is important to learn how to control stress. People should know the best method of managing stress that works for them.

Advantages of Managing stress

Managing stress can help one to lead a comfortable life. Stress brings discomfort as one is anxious about what will happen. Stress takes away happiness and makes one be sad and mood-less. They cannot be comfortable and cannot enjoy doing what makes them happy. According to medical research, stress can cause diseases especially when one is stressed for a long time. Common diseases associated with stress include ulcers and muscle aches. When one learns how to manage stress, they can lead a disease-free life. The skills make the life more comfortable irrespective of the situation they may be in. This paper will discuss various methods of managing stress.

1. Identify the cause of Stress

This is the first step of stress management. It is important to find out the source stress so that you can be able to know what exactly is affecting you (Biegel, 2017). There are many sources of stress among different people. This includes the type of job they do, workmates, friends, marriage partners, diseases among many others. One should be able to know what makes them sad and uncomfortable. One should be able to tell for how long a particular situation makes them uncomfortable. If it is a disease, one may be required to start medication immediately. If it is fiends are the cause of stress, one may be required to change them. One may also be required to address things that do not please them in case stress is coming from a workmate or a marriage partner. Identifying the causes of stress is a good start towards learning to manage stress.

2. Find the best coping strategy and avoid the ill ones

After identifying the sources of stress, one should come up with the best strategies to handle that situation. It is good for one to consider politeness when addressing the issue. There are people who after finding out the cause of stress do not prefer to address the situation and instead use ill methods of handling the situation example becoming drunkards.

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