Strategy that will increase profits and to go international

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What is a strategy?

” Strategy is the determination of the basic long term goals and objectives of an enterprise, and the adoption of courses of action and the allocation of resources for carrying out these goals” (Chandler 1962)

International Expansion

This report is about a company which is a clothes manufacture based in the north east of England in Darlington. This company which is owned by my friends Father and has been established for well over 15 years. Mr Sandhu was employed by a family friend in the 1970s where he gained experience in the clothing sector, he picked up knowledge and skills on how to run the labour aspect of clothing manufacturing. After this he left this job and with his savings opened up his own clothing company in Darlington. At first the distribution channels was limited so they started selling their goods through market stalls. The company employed 20 people but then expanded to more. They specialise in manufacturing clothing for women and children. Their main distributing channel at this time after the market stalls was to small independent retailers across the England and supplying Yours Clothing and recently started producing garments for Lipsy London. At the start of 2011 Mr Sandhu decided to work on a strategy that will increase profits and to go international. The plan was to think of what country labour and materials would be cheap and the day to day running of the business. He had to take into consideration the amount of employees and if he was going to buy a new factory or rent one. He took a numerous amount of trips to India to see which one would be more cost beneficial for him. D S Fashions Ltd strategy is “To produce unique high quality goods, through methods which involve cost efficient manufacturing , and enables us to retail our goods to reputable companies at cheap prices, ethically and fairly which benefits all stakeholders” To achieve these objectives outlined in the statement above the company had to stick to a certain path, the business environment which affects the profits of the company such as the material, labour, machinery and tax all was considered before a strategic plan was thought about. The clothing manufacturing industry in the UK is changing where more companies are now going abroad to set up factories because the costs are lower to run and cheaper to produce garments. This means there is increased competition from competitors and the external factor needs to be considered, before the move to go international is considered. DS Fashions Ltd used this model to create strategic plan this is what the model looked like:


External factors affecting business PEST

Internal factors affecting business SWOT

Plan to achieve objectives

Implement Plan

Review and Evaluate

To investigate further and to get a broader picture of what issues can arise a PEST analysis was created which assessed the Political,

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