Strategic Risks in Retail

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Part A

In part A, we are to discuss the main drivers of risk for the retail business and I have highlighted the Strategic Risk.

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Risk management is much more extensive than simple financial or operational risk. Ideas, for example, ‘strategic risk management’, ‘integrated risk management’ and ‘enterprise risk management’ now depict the more extensive provision of such thinking, tools and techniques. There is a typical view that strategic risk is about overseeing risk “strategically” as opposed to inspecting strategic risk as a classification like operational, financial and other risk regions. This regular perspective reasons disarray and may be one of the reasons that strategic risk is not further examined or particularly overseen. (Rowe, 2009)


Slywotzkyand Drzik (2005) attempt defines strategic risk as “an array of external events and trends that can devastate a company’s growth trajectory and shareholder value”

Strategic risks are those that emerge from the key choices that chiefs take concerning an association’s goals. Basically, strategic risks are the risks of neglecting to accomplish these business targets. A helpful subdivision of strategic risks is:

Business risks – Risks that determine from the choices that the board takes about the items or administrations that the association supplies. They incorporate risks connected with creating and showcasing those items or administrations, economic risks influencing item deals and expenses, and risks emerging from progressions in the technological environment which affect on deals and generation.

Non-business risks – Risks that don’t infer from the items or administrations supplied. For instance, risks connected with the long haul wellsprings of fund utilised.

Strategic risk levels connect in with how the entire association is situated in connection to its surroundings and are not influenced exclusively by what the executives choose. Competitor movements will influence risk levels in item showcases, and technological developments may imply that creation procedures, or items, rapidly get out-of-date.

Responsibility for strategic risk management

Strategic risks are controlled by board choices about the targets and heading of the association.

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