Strategic Report On The Britannia International

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This is the strategic report on the Britannia International Hotel industry. It discusses the scheme of the strategic management in the business with the analysing of the tools of the strategy in the day to day operations of the business. Strategic report is focusing on the impact analysis of the business strategy of the hotel industry with the giving of the overall view on the strategic management scheme in the hotel industry. It is ideally giving of the recommendation for the improvement of the performance level of the hotel industry in the current market with the adoption of the suitable , feasible and acceptable techniques of the Hospitality Management to improve the level of the performance in the business.


This is the strategic assignment focusing on the Britannia International Hotel Industry in London. The aim of the assignment is to discuss the strategic policy management of the Britannia International Hotel industry in London in the relation to their internal and external business environment. The Britannia International is one of the prominent hotel industry in the London situated at the heart of the city at Canary Wharf, London. They are having 35 hotels across United Kingdom using 7000 bedrooms, One of the hotel at the prime location of the city in London at the Canary Wharf is the key success factor nearer to the major airports and the seaside resorts surrounded by stunning country side (Lehman,2007) The strategic aim of the hotel industry is to provide the optimum money value at the desired level of the satisfaction facilitating to the easy opportunity of the decision-making to the guests who are coming ion the hotel industry (Buidcon,2009) As the London is an international city in the world many guests are used to come here from the different parts of the world in order to enjoy the city of London with its greenery, atmosphere, surroundings – due to which there is a wide scope of the development of the Hospitality industry in this area in order to hospitalise the visitors in this country. As a result many hotel industries are the wide popular in this city used to earn the good source of the potential income and sales turnover. The Britannia International at the Canary Wharf is offering the extremely competitive rates in the combination with the flourishes decoration with the facilities including restaurant, health club, night club, bars and free wireless internet access. (Gary,2010) The hotel is situated on the water’s edge next to the Canary Wharf, at the Docklands of the London in the internationally developed renowned office development, the hotel industry is fully modernised in the traditional culture having up to date facilities (Simson,2009) Modern style hotel located on the waterside in London’s docklands closed to Canary Wharf where there are many international businesses as well as large shopping centre , various restaurants and Bars (Gilston,2010)

Literature Review

Business Strategy of the Britannia hotel industry is purely of the functional and authoritative nature,

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