Strategic planning and its development

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Many thanks to my Lecturer Mr. Andrew; who helped me a lot in completing this course work. Without his support I had not been able to complete these tasks.

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I would also like to thanks the Manchester International College and its staff who were very helpful in every step of my studies. I owe too much to my friend Mr. Mudasser who helped me a lot in getting most of the course books and gave me access to University’s electronic library. Here I would also like to mention the name of Mr. Raheel, who taught us Computer Network Management. Mr. Raheel explained me how to complete a course work and how to write and present it in a word document.

And finally I would like to thank my family and children who were very supportive and understanding during my studies.


In this assignment author is producing a report which evaluates how external events influence IS strategy and design within ASDA Wal-Mart a food retail supermarkets. In task one author evaluate different modes of enquiry and give an overview of selected Multi-National Corporation. In task two author focuses on the impact of online shopping technologies in ASDA Wal-Mart and finally author use some tools to analyze and reconcile external pressure and IS strategic planning and design. The rapid IT development has caused changes and impacts on a society. This report will evaluate how an organization use IT to remain competitive and how external events influence IS strategy and design within Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) from the food retail sector (e.g. ASDA, Sainsbury, Tesco).



Enquiry is an action taken by an observer to find out the true reasons behind a failure or a problem situation. Or it can also be defined as an action for collecting the knowledge and information required to solve a problem. There could be many modes of enquiries to choose from depending upon the situation and the industry involved, and the researcher could choose them depending on his own preference too, as there is no hard and fast rule that applies to these modes of enquiries. There are three basic modes of enquiry and each mode of enquiry is built on two basic parts, the information collection and the validation of that collected information as described below.



Inductive enquiry technique is a simple technique in which solution to a problem is derived from a limited amount of observations. These observations which are directly related to the problem could be based on analogous, historical or multiple sourced data. Analogous data helps observers to specify a problem to be simpler than one but complex than the other.

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