Strategic Plan Of Coca Cola Business Essay

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Once sufficient information and awareness is gained about the environment Coca Cola is operating in, the next viable thing to do is to decide on a strategic response to adapt the existing strategy or develop a new one.

In our case, it is required of us to determine what we would change in the Coca Cola strategy and how we will go about doing that.

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What we would change:

One of the strategies that I would change would be Coca Cola’s distribution system. It is important for any business to have a personal relationship with their customer- the individual who purchases the product for their own personal use. At the moment the distribution channel that Coca Cola is using is from the manufacturer to the retailer (consumer) and then to the customer. In this channel there is no direct communication with Coca Cola and its customers, and in this way there is no personal interaction between the two parties. Coca Cola could be losing out on a competitive advantage. The customer doesn’t know anything more about Coca Cola other than its product that it offers. There is no service involved, nor is there personal leisure or personal satisfaction involved.


Strategies on how to get directly to the customer is to at least go beyond giving the customer the product. It goes beyond that especially from a customer’s point of view whereby customers purchase a product when they feel that they are getting value for money. By adapting this strategy Coca Cola could gain more customers, especially the customers who are not only attracted by the product but also the personal experience gained from the business. Another strategy Coca Cola could use would be to have a Coca Cola retail store, and have product development whereby Coke improves its existing products and have other products; this will assist Coke to recognize ways in which they can satisfy their customers.


By getting the customer involved makes us aware of the things that they are feeling and what they want from the company as a whole. Having a direct link to the final consumer of the product creates more awareness about some of the consumers of the coca cola product.

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