Strategic Management Practices in the Airline Companies in British Aviation Industry

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Area of Study. Strategic Management in the Airline Industry Proposed Title. Strategic Management Practices in the Airline Companies in British Aviation Industry Introduction. Strategic management is being considered as one of the effective management tools in strengthening organization performance through effective decision making and systematic strategic formulation and implementation. Strategic management was found to be an effective management tool in transforming a more complex airline sector to a more responsive and innovative administration. This study intends to investigate to what extent strategic management practices are being adopted and practiced by the Airline companies in British Aviation Industry. The airline industry has become a significant and very competitive sector in the global economy as many airline companies entered into the market and trying to become market leader through creating competitive advantages and using effective financial & corporate strategies. Generally organizational success depends on the successful strategic management practices. Since large amount of new entrants operate in the saturated industry, the importance of strategic management practices in the airline industry has grown up rapidly after the deregulation of the industry. The strategic management decisions play significant role and lead the organization towards its goals and objectives. According to Ibarra et al, (1995) the main reasons for business failure are the lack of understanding of the strategic position, poor strategic planning, confusing corporate culture, ineffective organisational structure, poor financial predictions, and lack of confidentiality in the future. Many of these reasons can be successfully managed through the development and implementation of effective strategic management practices. Aim and Focus of the Study The aim of my research is to explore the importance of the strategic management practices in the successes of the business in the airline industry. While strategic management is widely practiced by many firms and other profit oriented organizations in UK, its adoption by airline sector particularly in British airline companies at operational level is questionable. Strategic planning in airline companies is still insubstantial and unknown in the sense that there is an absence of documented proof of its practice (Werner Delfmann 2005). This study is undertaken to fill this knowledge gap. It is imperative to study on how strategic management is being adopted by airline companies as a tool of enhancing their performance and achieve competitive advantages. Airline companies in British Aviation industry are chosen as the setting because of their significant role to the UK economy. Context for the Research Research Objectives. The main objective of the study is to examine the adoption and importance of strategic management practices in airline companies in British Aviation industry. In so doing, the study will seek: I. to investigate the extent to which strategic management is adopted by the airline companies, in line with the strategic management framework that suite its environment; II. to find out factors that contribute and impede the smooth adoption of strategic management in the airline companies; III. to see how factors such as management plans,

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