Strategic management and information systems

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The significance of information technology has in recent times arriving a great deal of growing concentration crossways the industry worldwide. Strategies for continuous development means that in many areas in the industry has been expanding with major companies, such as Michael Dell, Microsoft and HP and Acer, to become the main support for the IT industry,

The relationship between business and IS strategy of critical importance, gives a sense of direction, and provide support to the organization by as long as options that be able to followed.

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The close relationship between business strategy and IS important because the ability IS to help achieve the objectives of the company by helping to reduce the problems that might be encountered in executing its plans, which means that the company is able to develop the right plans in the process in a timely manner. This report will be the focus of the leading information technology company Michael Dell (DELL).

The company Michael Dell, commonly known as the Dell, and started work 25 years ago at the University of Texas at Austin, United States. It now has a presence in all parts of the world and is one of the leading companies in the world dealing through information technology. DELL adapt its work to a new area in IS / IT infrastructure and developed a solid reputation and strong identity.

At the outset of this report will give an analysis of the company’s activities and business strategies to help to assess the results of its operations through the use of internal analysis (SWOT), assessment of the value-added chain and other factors critical to success. This will enable recommendations to be made in order to support and improve Dell’s business success.

DELL Information

It is useful to give information on the background of Dell, its vision and mission, as well as the organization’s structure and culture in order to give a comprehensive Image of the company and that is the way of progress.

Company background:

Dell was founded in 1984 by Michael dell who studied at the university of Texas at Austen, Michael dell founded the company in the name PC limited with a capital $1000, the first company’s selling computers compatible with IBM .

Michael dell started to belief that trade regulations when selling personal computers directly to users, the company will achieve greater understanding of the requirements of customers and provide them with more efficient computer products to meet those requirements. during this time Michael dell to leave the study in university to his new job, especially after winning the expansion of capital value of $300.000 from his family (DELL 2009).

In 1985 the company produced the first computers of its own design,

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