Strategic human resource management

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First chapter of my dissertation will talk about the back ground of the proposed dissertation topic. This back ground discussion will lead our focus to the actual problem area. As the main actors of my discussion are human so the related topic’s back ground, like HRM, strategic HRM, and integration of SHRM with overall business strategy and the new role of SHRM especially in the process of mergers and acquisitions, will be focused. Later discussion will focus on aims and objectives of my research and will also explain the dissertation structure.

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Business world is so dynamic especially in current era when organizations face lot more complicated challenges and strict competitions. To cope with new challenges, organizations employee new management tools, methods and philosophies. These tools and philosophies help management in gaining competitive advantage to survive in the business world. Among these philosophies, strategic HRM is one, which helps businesses to survive and gain competitive advantage in current dynamic environments.

To learn more about the role of Strategic HRM, first we need to know what strategic human resource management actually means, as we know till that point that this a management philosophy helping organizations in facing new challenges in ever changing environment. The concept of Human resource management is not new. It is on the business horizon from last 100 years discussed and debated in different forms, shapes and names but the actual human resource management can actually be traced back in 1960’s when the importance of employer and employee relationship was more focused. Improved education and skills actually developed the concept of Human resource management over the years. This development took a new turn when in 1980’s HRM became the integral part of business strategy and was named as strategic human resource management. That field of business management is actively involved in all business decision and plans related to relations of employee and organization.

The involvement of SHRM in restructuring and developing organization can be seen in the shape of different tools and methods adopted by organization like decentralize decision making, flattened hierarchies, training etc. This involvement is much needed during Merger and acquisitions process where SHRM can help this process in terms of knowledge, skills and efficiency. To allocate resources accurately ,like employing right people with right skills and knowledge, organizations need to bring in the SHRM at the time of strategy development not at middle or later stages. Introducing SHRM at start of strategy making will help organizations to achieve their goals and objectives of proposed merger or acquisition.

Organizations need to manage their human resources very systematically and strategically to gain competitive advantage.

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