Strategic Choices For People And Organization Business Essay

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1 Introduction: Downsizing an organization in terms of workforce for making savings is related to a lot of adverse effect. Redundancy situation creates panic among remaining employees as they don’t feel secure. This situation damages the morale, motivation and loyalty of residual workforce which hampers the efficiency of workforce.

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Here in this report we will discuss effective ways of avoiding such situation and also the ways to align workforce for the prosperity of the organization at the same time report also emphasizes on making efficient savings for the organization. 1.1 Background: Dealing in a scenario wherein the organization is undergoing budgetary constraints is very difficult; the most difficult aspect of this situation is to keep employees motivated so that the organization can come out of this situation. It is very important for the organization to keep workforce motivated as human capital is an asset which if motivated can make organization sail through any difficult situation. At the same time it is also important to make optimum use of the workforce and effective vacancy management to make efficiency saving for an organization which is undergoing down rise. 1.2 Redundancy is the last step any organization would like to take as human resource is the largest asset of any organization. People make the organization grow and flourish, in my opinion effectively managing vacancies and precise workforce planning are better way out to avoid redundancy situation. These two measures not only help in avoiding redundancy situation but they are the best tools to make savings. 1.3 Vacancy Management: Effective Vacancy Management is very important for an organization to gain efficiency and make savings. Vacancy once created is required to be filled, but the more important thing is to analyze the value addition that position is doing for the growth of the organization. If at all the said vacancy is not a key position in the organization and is not making any difference in the efficiency of a team or the department it is, it’s better to hold the vacancy or discontinue it. On the other hand if it is very important and is adversely affecting the workflow than in that case the first step should be redeployment of staff from some other department or position which is considered to be efficiency saving. Redeployment will help creating more trained employees and will also help in breaking monotony of the employees who are doing similar job since a very long time, hence a proper redeployment would create employee satisfaction and make savings for the organization. Second option is secondment, a temporary transfer to another job or post within the same organization is termed as secondment, if organization need to hold the vacancy for long due to budgetary constraints and savings targets this measure adds a lot of value to increase efficiency and make savings.

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