Strategic Analysis Tools In Applied Research Technologies Business Essay

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In this assignment would try to focus on a company named Applied Research Technologies which has many divisions like healthcare, industrial automation, energy conversion, transportation solutions for oil and gas industry and preparation of water filtration equipment and HAVC (heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, including climate control solutions for residential, commercial and industrial markets. With Mr.David Hall as its CEO of ART’s and Mr Peter Vyaswas appointed as the manager of filtration Unit. ART was one of the technology world’s emerging giants.

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In this essay we try to emphasis on and analysis on various industrial tools’ like Porter’s Five Force analysis, PESTEL analysis and also on strategic management tools of the organization.

Vision Statement of ART’s:

”We aim to change the world through innovation, and to grow our place in it through entrepreneurship”. Harvard Business School, (2010)

Strategic Management:

In order to create and sustain in competitive market the organization undertakes decisions, actions and analysis the situation to gain competitive advantage in the industry. This definition captures two main elements that go to the heart of the field of strategic management.

First, the strategic management of an organization involves three on going processes which are as follows: analysis, decisions, and actions. That is, strategic management is concerned with the analysis of strategic goals like vision, mission and strategic objective of the company, which also includes the internal and external environment of the organization.

Michael Porter says that sustainability cannot be achieved through operational effectiveness alone. Dess, Gregory , Lumpkin and Taylor, (2005.)

Strategic Positioning:

The strategic positioning of an organization includes the developing of the desired future position of the organization on the basis of present and likely developments, and the making of plans to realize that positioning.

In the ART’s company dedicated on supporting new ideas, but also in funding various research & development projects. Sharing of knowledge and dissemination was another key factor which positioned the company into the market. The company’s biggest strength was in its core product and technology which they used.It had the objective of to attract the best and brightest wherever they live. Harvard Business School. (2010, pp.61)

Strategic Decisions:

As the organization functions the entire resources and the results are disturbed with the whole of environment. Important strategic decisions are major resource ideas for a company. Strategic decisions are tough in nature and very complex to deal within organization. The decisions are the long-term decisions and are concerned with future planning. They also related to overall counter development of all organization and also strive through growth. Management Study Guide (1998-2000)

In ART’s the strategic choices were the most vital for company.

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