Steve Jobs in San Francisco

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Steve jobs was born in San Francisco on February 24, 1955. He was abandoned by his parents just after he was born. Luckily, Paul and Clara jobs, a nice couple, adopted him.

He lived near silicon valley in the United States. His neighbors were all employees of hewlett-packard company. Influenced by these people, jobs became obsessed with electronics as a child. One HP engineer saw how obsessed he was and recommended him for the company’s discoverers club, a gathering for young engineers held every Tuesday night in the company’s cafeteria. At a party, jobs saw computers for the first time, and he began to have a hazy understanding of them.
In junior high, jobs met Steve wozniak at a school reunion and the two hit it off. Steve wozniak was President of the school’s electronics club and was very interested in electronics.

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When he was 19, jobs took a one-semester break from school for financial reasons and became an employee of atari video game company. Living in the garage of woz’s house, he often audited calligraphy classes and other courses at the community college. He made a pilgrimage to India in August 1974, at the hottest time of the subcontinent.

While at work, jobs often worked with wozniak on computers in his garage. They dreamed of having a computer of their own, but at that time, all the computers on the market were commercial, huge and expensive, so they prepared to develop their own. In 1976, he bought the 6502 chip at the Wisconsin computer fair in San Francisco. With the 6502 chip, the two young men installed the first computer in the garage of jobs’ home.

Jobs sold his Volkswagen car to raise money for mass production, and woz sold his HP 65 calculator. So they have $1,300.
On April 1, 1976, jobs, wozniak and jobs’ friend RON Wayne signed a contract to start a computer company. Jobs, 21, and Steve wozniak, 26, founded apple in their garage. The company was named apple by jobs. Their home-made computers have been dubbed the “apple generation”.

In the early days of apple inc., the “apple” machine business was slow. In July 1976, an accidental opportunity brought about a turning point for apple. The retailer Paul Jay Terrell went to jobs’ garage and, after watching jobs demonstrate his computers, decided to order 50 of them, his first deal.

Then apple started making small batches. In October 1976, markkula visited woz and their garage. Mr. Markkula, an electrical engineer who specializes in marketing, volunteered to help them develop a business plan and lent them $690, 000, which helped speed up apple’s growth.
In April 1977, jobs presented the apple II codename prototype at the first computer show in the United States.

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