Stereotypes In The Series No Tomorrow

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Although the series No Tomorrow ended up being canceled after it aired one season on the CW television network, it has been deemed pleasurable, humorous, and thought provoking, with an intriguing plot twist. No Tomorrow addresses issues real people experience throughout their life such as: conflicts within relationships, acceptance of yourself and others, and growing as an adult due to making life changing decisions, while also breaking societal stereotypes for the romantic-comedy genre, as well as television as a whole, depicting the importance of diversity and welcoming change.

In the beginning of the series, we meet the main character, Evie; a tall, goofy, beautiful blonde, who works a dissatisfying job in a warehouse that is similar to Amazon, with a boss named Deirdre, that is rude and undermining, along with Evie’s two best friends and coworkers, Hank and Kareema, who help Evie through difficult times, while also facing their own day to day problems. There is also Timothy, Evie’s on and off again boyfriend, who is so soft spoken, that at times, he needs subtitles for you to know what he is saying. The second leading role of the show is Xavier, the attractive, british guy Evie meets in a local farmers market, who believes the world is going to end in approximately eight months, due to his complex mathematical findings that proved an asteroid was on track to collide with Earth, thus he leaves his life of boring employment and unhappiness, in exchange for freedom and fulfillment.

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Xavier plans to spend what little time he has left completing his apocalyst, which is a journal he filled with different activities, goals, and desires he wishes to accomplish before the world ends. He also tries to spread the word of his findings to others in the world, and even the government, but is viewed as crazy and dismissed until the last episode of the series. Evie was also on the fence about Xavier’s theory, but eventually decided that she needed change in her life by giving it purpose and fulfillment, while also still keeping her responsibilities as a working class citizen, thus beginning the romance between Evie and Xavier, and their continuous checking off of apocalyst items. She does, however, state that she does not necessarily believe the world was going to end, but rather is these changes for her self-betterment (Yates).

Other characters follow Evie’s lead, creating their own version of an apocalyst, leading to more community involvement in simply living happier lives. Xavier and his theory creates the plot twist of doomsday prepping, while also altering the romcom genre by morphing a terrifying theory, along with its negative impacts, into a more positive, and uplifting vibe. The final episode ends with each character beginning a new chapter in their lives with confidence,

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