Stereotypes About Kentucky Residents

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Stereotypes in Kentucky

Kentucky, having a per capita income of $31,111, is currently ranked 46th in the nation in regard to income and income growth (Davis). This leaves only South Carolina, Arkansas, West Virginia, and Mississippi faring worse. This statistic just gives Kentucky people another stereotypical label.

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The stereotypical view on Kentucky residents is generally that they are poor, redneck, and unsuccessful. Of course there are some people like that in Kentucky, but that does not mean the majority of people who live in Kentucky are that way. Those stereotypes cause some of the people in the rural areas of Kentucky to represent the state as a whole. This is inaccurate because not even all people in the rural areas are like that, but there is even a higher population total in the urban areas of Kentucky. (Davis) The stereotypes about all the residents of Kentucky simply are not true because Kentucky has a wide range of diversity among its people, the misunderstood cultures and traditions of some of the Kentucky people are respectable and make them unique, and there are many opportunities in Kentucky to make a living with a high quality of life.

Stereotypes about Kentucky people are inaccurate because Kentucky has a wide range of diversity among the population. This is more prevalent in the urban areas of higher populations such as Lexington, Kentucky. In areas like this, there are not many people at all who fall under the Kentucky stereotypes. In these areas, the people more commonly have high-paying jobs and are proper, showing no sign at all of the most common Kentucky stereotypes. Even from the more rural areas with lower populations, there is a wide range of diversity. Not only is there a wide diversity in the lifestyles of Kentucky people but also there is a wide range of different races of people who live in Kentucky. Across Kentucky there are numerous African Americans, Chinese, Mexicans, Indians, etc. All of these different races are found moving up with their educations, forming and owning businesses, and just improving themselves as well as their own qualities of life. One example of this would be the amount of Mexican families owning highly successful, high-end Mexican restaurants across Kentucky. This is far from the white redneck stereotype that the entire Kentucky population is labeled under. Besides, the stereotype of all Kentucky residents living in small towns is proven false through the fact that Louisville, Kentucky is actually rank 29 on the list of biggest cities in the United States (Shultz). There are many other reasons that the Kentucky stereotypes are false,

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