Stereotypes About Asian People

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Racism is evident in all cultures. Looking back on history, it would seem that racism has always been present through the developing of our societies. The most common type of racism that we see is called casual racism.

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According to the AHRC, casual racism occurs when behavior involves negative stereotypes or prejudices about people on the basis of race, color or ethnicity, while racism focuses mainly on the belief that one race is superior than the rest. (Casual Racism, 2014) Both of these are inherently bad, though the latter has a more negative connotation in comparison to the former. An example of a casual racism is that all Asians are smart. Not only is this claim untrue, but it has harmful effects. These stereotypes about Asians can have a negative effect on people, promote inaccurate information about the minority and can have effects on a person’s mental health.

Asian stereotypes are historically proven to be inaccurate. One explanation to the stereotype that Asians are all smart is that immigration policies were skewed to favor highly educated and skilled Asians. In 1965, the Immigration Act was passed and allowed large numbers of Asians to enter the United States. Specifically, these Asian immigrants were from the most educated and wealthiest groups in their countries. As a result of this, the perception of the Asian American community changed. Decades before this change, Asians were perceived as corrupt and dishonest. In the article, Racial Stereotyping of Asians and Asian Americans and Its Effect on Criminal Justice: A reflection on the Wayne Lo Case, author Rhoda J. Yen states that Chinese immigrants were describes as utter heathens, treacherous, sensual, cowardly and cruel by the media (Yen 7). Thus, we can conclude that Asian immigrants did not always have a positive outlook. We can also conclude that the all Asians are smart stereotype is inaccurate since there is excluded data on the rest of the Asian population who fall under poverty.

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