Stereotype Threat

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Stereotype refers to the general thought perceived by an individual or a social group of other individuals or community. These ideas aim at the actions or behavior of an individual, which is then generalized as a representation of the practices of the entire group of the individual (Steele, 2011). Although stereotype may be the accurate reflection of a person, mostly it tends to express bad ideas and inaccurate representation about actions or behavior of an individual. Stereotype threat, therefore, refers to now to the risk associated with confirming a negative stereotype based on group membership.

As an African American, I have personally been a victim of the stereotype thoughts that wave through our American communities. The identity of an African American has been subjecting, most if not all, to racial and gender gaps and mostly the uncritical judgment that we all have common perceived social behaviors executed by all African American.

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My experience with the ongoing social stereotypes goes way back to when I Bellarmine College Preparatory. It’s a prestigious high school in San Jose, California, and it is largely dominated by the whites. I experienced contextual cue which was being in an environment where few students were of color were available a factor that triggered stereotypic threat in my context. The environment created was also of a worse experience as there were very few countable I can say of cross-racial interactions. The curriculum, therefore, marginalizes the experiences the very few students of color we were which was enough to trigger stereotypic threat. So the largest company I sat next to was only other students while in class in which mostly I was already viewed as of an undermined performance This indeed led to a more isolated life and partially retreated to the safety of a homogeneous environment that was the few African Americans present.

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