Standardized Testing and its Effect on Education

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Standardized tests are seen in many schools across america, and are given to students multiple times each year. In fact, The average number of standardized tests administered per school system per year is five (Sproull, Zubrow 628). All of these tests are used as a way for schools to evaluate students learning and comprehension abilities throughout each year.

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Standardized tests can also play into the decision of whether or not a student is set to move up to the next grade level. These tests are a good way to measure a student at certain points throughout each year, however, they may not be the best way to evaluate a student overall. While many schools put standardized tests into practice, they are not an accurate way to measure a student’s overall knowledge because they are unfair and harmful to students as well as teachers.

Standardized testing was first seen around the time of World War I. These tests were so successful in classifying and assigning military personnel that during the 1920’s they were introduced into our school systems (Daniels 12). Many years later, in 2001, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) was introduced as a way to ensure that no child was left behind in education. This act played a pretty substantial role in standardized testing. NCLB required both annual student testing and school-level reporting that indicated whether schools were succeeding or failing to make adequate yearly progress (AYP) toward proficiency goals ( Dee 253). With this act still in place today, the testing it requires has not only made huge impacts on schools, but on students and teachers as well.

Standardized Testing, being that it is so widespread, affects students across the United States in so many different ways. There has been a lot of arguments over the years about whether or not standardized testing is effective in schools. Many supporters of standardized testing argue that the tests are good for students and and have positive effects on them, but some would argue otherwise. Supporters of standardized testing may argue that the tests provide important information for the students. For example, if a student does bad on a section in the test, they know to study more for that specific topic. Another argument that supporters might make is that the tests help to push students to try harder and pay more attention in their classrooms. Although these tests may seem to be a good thing for students, research seems to show otherwise.

Standardized tests are surprisingly harmful and even unfair to students in schools today. Research has shown that Students of color, students with disabilities, English-language learners, and low-income students are failing state graduation tests at rates as high as 60% to 90%, leaving them to face bleak futures (Sadker,

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