STA-21 Program for Officer Commission in the Navy

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There are many reasons that have driven me to choose the option of wanting to become an officer a nurse, reasons that have caused conflict between my mind and heart. If I use just my sound mind I’d say irrefutably that what is better would be the increase in salary and the accountability or contentment of performing the work task and accomplishing the missions but, in reality I would be lying to both you and myself, because there are just barely half the reason as to why I want to transition from being a sailor to an officer.

The main important reason for me wanting to become a nurse officer is because I see it as a chance to do more than what I have done and have more effect on Navy medical policies. I want to take my learned skills and experience to the next level. I know it will not be easier, it will be harder but I believe that from the challenge we get evolution arising to better solutions. As an E-4 I do not have much say and if whenever I have a suggestion that might assist my unit, I have to wait till I get my opportunity to be able to air it out, which at times might be discarded. Basically, I just follow the order which isn’t bad, because for a team to function as one unit, the order must be created; rules and regulations must be set to be followed. But as an officer, I can make sure that my junior sailors are getting the fair treatment they deserve. I am not saying that I shall adjustment the way the medical Navy unit does things; but from being a junior enlisted myself, I know some minor changes are wanted. I will be responsible for even more people and equipment, and I will have to tutor and lead other leaders who are themselves in charge of people. It’s a challenge, and it’s an evolution. It’s a push from the comfort zone that makes you perform to an even higher level.

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