Sports Career Planning

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So what is Sport Management? According to Pitts and Stotlar (2007), the term sport management refers to “the study and practice of all people, activities, businesses, or organizations involved in producing, facilitating, promoting, or organizing any sport-related business or product”. The areas that I would like to focus on is sport law and sport agent.

Sport law is laws that govern athletes and is the guidelines to how they play. Sport law isn’t just one law with principles, it refers to several different aspects of the topic. “Sport law refers to “contract, TORT, agency, antitrust, constitution, labor, trademark, sex discrimination, criminal, and tax issues” (“sports law”). “Sport Law can be roughly divided into the areas of amateur, professional, and international sports” (“LII Staff, 2015”). It’s hard to decide who is a professional athlete and who is an amateur athlete because amateur students/athletes still receive a form of compensation for their play, whether it be a scholarship, housing arrangements or even job opportunities after college. When even have to deal with that fact that some athletes might be considered an amateur by some but others they are not. In this case, we could say the players who are in the minor leagues are amateurs but technically they can still be considered professional because they are associated with the professional teams but they just aren’t paid as much. One of the most popular and important amateur organization is the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

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The NCAA is in charge of over 1000 member colleges and universities. “Although roughly 50% of the NCAA’s members are sponsored by state governments, the Supreme Court has suggested that the eligibility rules of the NCAA are not state action for constitutional law purposes. State action status may also be a factor in mandatory drug testing rules”(“LII Staff, 2015”). Drug testing is one of the many things that division I and II athletes have to sign and agree to do at any more to participate at the college level.

On the other hand, professional sports are different. When it comes to sport law the thing we have to recognize is the relationship between the individual player and the team owner. Their relationship is run by a few basic principles. Each player has a contract that serves as a guideline employment contract between owners and players. Each contract isn’t the same it can be modified to each player’s wishes and needs and the talents of each player. “With the increase in salaries in professional sports, most players are now represented by agents.

Typically, this relationship is governed by a Standard Representation Contract which defines the duties and compensation of the agent. In an attempt to regulate agent activities, many state legislatures now require agents to register with some type of administrative agency”(“LII Staff,

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