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Benefits of Technology in the Sports World Although there is some speculation as to whether the use of technology in sports takes value away from games in its entirety, technology ultimately benefits the sports world in a plethora of ways. When it comes to sports and training,... [ view article ]

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Warming Up, Working Out, & Cooling Down Assignment #5: Warming Up, Working Out,&Cooling Down 1. List five warm-up activities that would be appropriate for the sport/activity you are doing. Warm-up activities that would be appropriate for running include slow jogging, walking lunges, power skipping, running carioca, and... [ view article ]

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Basketball Tournament Brochure Basketball is a game loved by many teenagers especially those who are still in school. German town academy most students cherish basketball compared to any other game. Games are used for uniting people together in the society, most Non-Governmental Organizations... [ view article ]


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National Basketball Association-Marketing Plan National Basketball Association (NBA) is one of the topmost basketball leagues in North America. It has a total of thirty teams. The largest percentage of its audience is made of the youthful population. For instance, 45% of its fans who... [ view article ]

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Personal Reflection Essay: Personal Bucket List I believe that one day my heart will stop beating and my body will grow gradually and cold. However before that occurs, I have earmarked many things that I intend before I die. The realization of the goals I have... [ view article ]

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