Speed torque and power

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The aim of the project ‘PC MONITORING OF DYNAMOMETER’ is to measure and display the Speed Torque and Power of Motor. The behaviour of motor under load and no load characteristics have been studied with the help of virtual instrumentation. The variations in the motor Speed, Torque and Power at no load torque and full load torque have been analysed. Power determines the efficiency of the motor.

Torque is varied by altering resistance in the dynamometer control circuit. The entire system will interface with a PC providing virtual instrumentation and data logging facilities. The graphical programming software has been used to study the characteristics of the motor by loading. Data logging and analysis is done by implementing the concept of LabVIEW.

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The aim of the project to build and develop the LabVIEW Program to acquire and analyse the data with the help of ADC card. Speed, Torque and Power of the shunt wound dc motor are acquired and analysed.


  • Implement the concept of virtual instrumentation.
  • Develop LabVIEW program to acquire Torque, Speed and Power.
  • Analyse the motor characteristics under load and no load using the visual programming.
  • To show the difference between acquiring the data manually and applying Virtual Instrumentation.

Chapter 1 gives the introduction to the Motors, Labview and the literature review to realise the project.

Chapter 2 is the study of Virtual Instrumentation and Labview programming.

Chapter 3 explains the terms Torque, Speed & Power asscociated with the shunt motor.

Chapter 4 includes the experimental setup for the project with the specifications and the individual work of each and every component.

Chapter 5 discussion part includes the introduction to LabVIEW tools used in the programming for the project.

Chapter 6 contains the analysis for the manual operation of the motor when load is applied. Includes Torque, Speed, and Voltage characteristics.

Chapter 7 includes the labview program for Speed, Torque and Power with the analysis for motor under loaded conditions.

Chapter 8 includes the conclusions and the future scope of the project.



The extent to which electrical energy is used has influence on the development of industry and the economic prosperity of nation. Therefore rather than conserving the energy, methods need to be implemented to control the electrical energy and hence it can be possible only when the problems associated with the system are analysed and rectified with use of technology and time limitation.

In industries the shunt wound motors are used where speed control is a critical aspect. The shunt wound motors are highly flexible, versatile and even the operation costs are minimum.

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