Spectacular Life Of Benjamin Franklin

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Ever since Benjamin Franklin was young he had worked hard for what he wanted to achieve. He knew he could achieve it as well, and believed in himself. From a young age he knew he was very successful at writing more than other subjects like arithmetic which he had failed in.

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I personally was the opposite, better at arithmetic and worse in writing. As he worked in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, we see how hard he works to get far in life and to stick to what he wants. But at one time in his life he was unsure of what he wanted, but he was young. But as his father made him work with his brother in his printing-house he became familiar with it and stuck to it. The printing-house is actually where he found his love of writing when his brother started a newspaper. He took over it eventually when his brother was put in jail. After his brother got out him and his brother got into another argument, which lead to Benjamin quitting. Which may seem like he is no longer dedicated but soon after he looked for another printing house to work at instead of his brothers. After having no luck at finding a job he moves to New York City to find a job and secretly moves out.

No matter what obstacles come his way, he overcomes them and works tirelessly than others. Even though he does not find a job in New York he does hear of an opportunity to get a job working for a paper in Philadelphia. As I was reading his this part of the book, I actually thought about his dedication to the work that he had been doing since he was twelve. He stays true to himself and does not change for any circumstance.

On Benjaminr’s way to Philadelphia he had saved a dutchmans life. He stayed positive throughout his trip, despite being dropped off near Burlington. After reaching Philadelphia he discovers that Bradford cant give him a job, he still keeps his head up and finds a job working for a man named Keimer. Still working at the printing-house he moves in with man whose daughter he will eventually marry, even though he never writes her when he leaves America.

After some time in Philadelphia he gets a letter from his brother in law asking him to return to Boston, but Benjamin said that he would not be returning any time soon. This is showing how he is dedicated now more than ever to his work. His letter is eventually shown to the governor of Pennsylvania, William Keith. He loves how Benjamin writes and wants to help him set up a new printing-house, he will receive help from the government to build it,

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