Speaker and Subject Identification

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Speaker and Subject Identification

The story about Steve Jobs began on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California. Steve was born to a young unwed graduate student and there was no further mention of his biological father. She was adamant about him being adopted by college graduates because she wanted him to have the best life possible.

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She gave him up for adoption, and he was supposed to be adopted by a lawyer and his wife, but they decided at the last minute that they wanted a girl (Stanford, 2008). His parents, Clara and Paul Jobs received a phone call during the middle of the night stating that there was a baby boy and asking if they wanted him. They said yes, and they have been a family ever since. They gave him the name of Steven Paul Jobs. Ironically, they were not college graduates and when Joanne found out she refused to sign the adoption papers (Stanford, 2008). Clara was an accountant and Paul was a Mechanic. Joanne eventually gave in after they promised her that they would give him the best life that they could and promised that he would go to college.

Steve graduated high school in 1972, and decided to continue his education at Reed College in Portland, Oregon (Stanford, 2008). The required classes that he was enrolled in did not interest him. After about six months of uncertainty about his future, he dropped out. He thought that it was the best decision rather than staying enrolled and taking classes with no plan. Also, it was costly, so he thought it would be selfish and irresponsible for his parents to continue to spend their life savings on his schooling. He did not drop out completely. He found fascination in a Calligraphy class, so he dropped in on that occasionally.

During this time, he slept on the floor of friends rooms, returned coke bottles to five cent deposits to buy food, and walked several miles to get one good meal once a week (Stanford, 2008). The fact that he went through some of the same things that many other college students go through, gives him credibility to give the commencement speech to Stanford’s graduating class of 2005. Although he did not graduate, he is still familiar with some of the life lessons that some college students experience. Fast forward a few years, he and Steve Wozniak started Apple in his parent’s garage when he was twenty years old. Over the next decade, Apple grew from the small startup company in his parent’s garage into a two billion dollar company (Stanford, 2008). Just after his thirtieth birthday, they released the Macintosh.

All of his success came to an abrupt end. He was fired from Apple- the company that he started.

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