Space Exploration: The Advance of Mankind

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When mentioning about the topic of outer space, the things that pop into people’s minds are usually about the beautiful and fascinating photographs of the planets, stars, and the galaxy. What people often do not know is that there are far more mysteries further above the clouds and the airplanes, and the night sky where only the moon and the stars are seen. Outside of planet earth and the solar system, there are a thousand other planets and a huge amount of unknown left for humans to discover.

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The only way to learn about the mysterious and limitless universe is to explore it, and humans are the pathfinders to discover more about the outer space. Space exploration is one great advance of mankind and is worth the amount of money spent on investment because it allows humans to discover more about the universe and locate valuable resources, and is creating beneficial advancements in fields including technology and medicine. While exploring space, humans can make discoveries in the universe to gain more knowledge about it and find many beneficial resources.

One of the purposes of space exploration is to discover more in space and observe them. Two years ago, scientists found the star Proxima Centauri that lies only 4.2 light-years away from Earth’s sun. In August 2016, they discovered a planet orbiting in Proxima Centauri’s habitable zone, increasing the possibility that life might have evolved there. This newly discovered planet Proxima b, with a minimum mass of about 1.27 times Earth’s mass, has a great chance of being a habitable planet (Cofield). During space exploration, scientists may locate another habitable planet where humans can move to live on if earth becomes inhabitable or even new species. Humans can learn about the unknown in the outer space and have a learn more about other planets in the universe except earth. As humans are using the resources on earth at a fast rate, our planet would not have enough resources to use, while the outer space contains essential resources for earth to use.In space, humans are able to find resources such as precious rocks and other minerals. Solar energy in space and metallic asteroid from the moon are examples of resources in space. Raw materials from asteroids are mined near earth asteroids, and are then harvested and processed into refined and usable supplies that can be manufactured into finished products.

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