Space Exploration and Astronomy

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When the sun comes up everyday, it brings light to one side of the world while it brings darkness to the other side of the world. Darkness allows people to look at stars in the night sky and explore space with their own eyes. Space is a subject that raises more questions every time a question is answered.

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The only way to answer the questions space raises is space exploration. Whether that is sending people to space, or sending robots to space, or just looking through a telescope. Space exploration allows mankind to better understand what surrounds the planet we call home. However, explorations into space have consequences either ethical or financial. Space shuttles and human want to expand our race affects the environment on our home planet. While the space program launches more shuttles that affect the environment the cost increases and the launches are not cheap. The taxpayers dollars are spent to have NASA explore space. Yet, space exploration helps countries relations. Peace might not be brought right away to the countries on earth but in space, countries are at peace through space exploration.

The earth as of right now is the only place where the human race can exist, but space exploration is trying to find another place to hold human life. Until then humans can only live on Earth’s environment so it can not be ruined. While space programs are trying to find another home for mankind, they are not helping the place they live on humans do not have a very good track record in protecting our planet(McLean). If humans can not protect the planet they live on now what is the point of finding a new planet to hold humans? Humans will just ruin the planet just like the planet they lived on before and can not even protect their own planet. Why should money be given for space exploration to find a new planet to live on? Still more money goes toward space exploration for the expansion of human presence into the solar system(Source E). The money just goes to more launches of space shuttles and production of the space shuttles. The fuel is needed to launch the massive space shuttles and is not good for the environment. If exhausts from cars is not good for the environment, space shuttle exhausts can not be good. With one shuttle launch there is a lot more exhaust at one time (Doc B). The exhaust from just one launch is harmful to the environment around. The launch harms the environment which is not moral to hurt the environment just for space exploration. However every launch to space helps gain knowledge about a subject humans do not know much about, but at what cost. Therefore, launches are harmful for the environment and every launch cost money from taxpayers.

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