Sophocles Antigone Was A Book

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Sophocles Antigone was a book that had a unique plot. One of the ideas presented in this specific play was feminism and Antigoner’s determination to go against their ruler. Along with this idea occurred a number of tragedies, which means therer’s also a tragic hero.

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There are numerous debates in determining the tragic hero in this play, between the protagonist Antigone and Creon, Antigoner’s cruel uncle. Tragic heroes, in any work, is a character not necessarily the protagonist- with a tragic flaw who brings upon their own downfall and misfortune. This makes it obvious that Creon is more fit to be considered as the tragic hero. Although Antigone faced many conflicts and flaws, Creon is more suitable to this title because of the conflicts he faces, his acknowledgement of his wrongdoings, and how he takes punishment at the end.

At the beginning, Creon is seen as a leader with fine morals and definite laws that come along with punishments. However, the conflict in the play starts when Creon doesnt allow for a proper burial of Antigoner’s brother. Creon, who was allied with Eteocles, has proclaimed that the rebel Polyneices should not be allowed burial, under strict penalty of death to anyone who would disobey his order, (Explanation of: ?Antigone)This portrays Creon with his excessive amount of pride he has towards his leadership role, which characterizes his tragic flaw. Another thing he does a lot is believing that everything he does, such as all his cruel actions, is the right thing to do and does not want to acknowledge that what her’s doing is wrong.

For example, in the text, the author states O dearest Haimon, how your father wrong you! (Ismene) // Ive had enough of your childish talk of marriage! (Creon) This determines how Creon also wants to control his sonr’s marriage/ life, by saying that his decision of not wanting Antigone for him is correct, which is why he wants death to put them apart. He felt superiority when it came to his family. And even though Antigoner’s brothers were in the throne, he felt as if he had higher authority than the gods. This can be seen when he says, The State is the king! He believes that none other than him can make all decisions for them. At this point,

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