Sojourner Truth Speech

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Sojourner Truth was an African-American feminist and abolitionist. Truth is arguably most well-known for her speech that she gave in 1851 at the Women’s Rights Convention in Ohio. During this period in which Truth lived, abolitionists such as Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman were especially effective in making an impression towards their listeners because they incorporated their experiences as ex-slaves.

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Truth delivered her speech as a means to retaliate against anti feminist arguments that were raised during that time. According to, Truth’s most important legacy is the tone and substance of her language . They go on to use a sample of the speech Give ?em land and an outset, and hab teachers learn ?em to read. Den they can be somebody (Sojourner Truth). By stating such simplicity in such a complex matter, Truth has caused the audience to be stumped not only by the simplicity and frankness of her words but also the simple, homely language that she uses. Additionally, the Poetry Trust claims that the strongest tool of her speech are her argument/persuasion strategies . They continue by saying that by Truth including the racial and sexist issues that she encountered in her life, she provides first hand experience that she executes in a manner that is moving towards audience.

She persuades her audience that a black women might deserve equal rights to men (Poetry Trust). By using facts and unarguable evidence as well as her use of deduction she manages to illustrate that women are not inferior to men. Simultaneously, Truth also mentions the relevance of christianity. The Sojourner Truth Memorial Committee says Sojourner Truth sounds like a down-to-earth preacher in her speeches (STMC).

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