Society’s Prostitution Paradox

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Since the invention of the television screen, various commercials have been consistent with the sex sells approach; and innovative technology has increased nudity and provocative themes that regularly break the internet. Categorically, sex is one of the most successful marketing tactics on the planet. The brain is automatically stimulated whenever sexual content is displayed (Gardner, 2015).

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It is nearly impossible to disregard sexual messages, as individuals have a natural reaction to sex. Therefore, the connection it has with advertising is a powerful recipe for most businesses. Oddly enough, the world loves to see women portrayed as whores yet detests the idea of actual prostitution. The sex industry is unquestionably high in demand for kinky services provided considering the large amount of people that participate in this illegal activity. But why are sex workers the most degraded in society? Why does a woman selling her body make people uncomfortable? How did this natural pleasure become so offensive?

Although men are characteristically polygamous, they are faithful merely to support society’s expectations. In some cases, men only appear to be monogamous, yet have secret funds for side girlfriends or prostitutes (same difference). The man lying while hiding things from his significant other is what’s immoral, not prostitution itself. Throughout humanity, prostitution has biologically transpired as its oldest profession. But the result of man-made laws and religion has brainwashed people into believing something so instinctively for humans is wicked. The fact that it is formidable is what probably makes it more enticing and a lucrative business. If women are not being held against their will, then there is no harm in a sex/cash tradeoff. Personally, the men that created these alleged ethical guidelines were adulterers themselves.

Physical manners, such as the act of procreation, can still compromise a person’s spiritual insecurities. Human beings could not exist without intercourse, nonetheless. Many humans seem to manage mortality issues by inserting themselves in traditional beliefs that identifies with a righteous reward of paradise in the spirit realm. This is how religious systems were established to regulate animalistic behavior that is fundamentally immoral for civilized people.

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