Society in Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

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Ray Bradbury has predicted the future through his stories, especially Fahrenheit 451. I believe Ray Bradbury was trying to send a message in this book. The theme that Bradbury was trying to use through Fahrenheit 451 is that our society needs freedom and knowledge.

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The society in this book is like the society we are in today. The first way that Bradbury showed this theme was using characters as a way to show different lives. For example, Clarisse was the representation of a life with feelings and purpose. Bradbury made her a curious and brave girl. Clarisse was hit by a car and killed, by a group of kids. When Clarisse was killed it represented the bad part of society, and how careless some people are about life. To show how Clarisse is, he used very fine details to show how unique of a person she was. Another example of Bradbury showing this theme through the characters would be Montag’s wife, Millie, and her dull life.

Montag asks Millie this after Clarisse brought light to him. When Montag showed her the collection of books he has took through the years, her reaction right away was to throw them in the incinerator. Millie’s personality represented most of the people in Fahrenheit 451’s society. Bradbury contrasted these two important people in Montag’s life to show different lifestyles. The next way that Ray Bradbury showed this theme of a life living with freedom and knowledge, was how Montag survived the fall of his city because of his love for the books. The books represented the truth and freedom they deserved.

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