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The Social Web Takisha Williams INF103 Computer Literacy Jaclyn Minor September 13, 2010 Who would have thought 50 years ago that a person could socialize with complete strangers across the world with just the click of a button? The web is full of useful and important scholarly information, but it’s not just about business and education. Along with posting pictures, videos, and blogs, the web is available for a plethora of other options. It’s full of fun sites for people of all ages and with different interests. One way to enjoy the web is to visit a social networking site. Sites such as Facebook, Zorpia, Friendster, and Bebo allow you to personalize a profile, join groups, share thoughts and pictures, and add different applications. Online communities are created by people connected together to share common interests, goals, and purposes. With technology advancing at such a steady rate, the future possibilities of the social web are endless. Although these sites are full of interesting things to do, there are also some downfalls to having an account online, such as privacy issues. I will be discussing a few popular sites and ways to safely enjoy them. One of today’s most popular social websites is Facebook. In February 2004, college student Mark Zukenburg created Facebook for his fellow Harvard colleagues. It was later expanded to serve other colleges, and it has grown dramatically ever since. Today there are about 500 million active Facebook accounts from people of all ages, countries, and interests. Pretty much anyone is able to join Facebook. The site is designed for people to communicate and share just about in any way. Facebook users create a profile which typically includes a photo and any personal information you would like to add. A lot of the activity on Facebook is surrounded by requesting the friendship of organizations and other users. You send a “friend request” to someone, and once they accept it, you two become friends. Facebook’s page layout is simple to navigate and easy to use. Everything is located right on your page, including tabs to go to photos, applications, groups, and your friend list. I first learned about Facebook while attending college on a campus. I have had it for a few years now. I like to send messages to my friends and family to stay in touch. I have posted several different photos on my account also. My friends are able to view them and make comments if they like. Of all the things to do on Facebook, I think the most popular is writing on your friend’s “wall. ” This is just a space available to add comments, pictures, bumper stickers, etc. You can also update your status, to let people know what’s going on in your life, or say whatever’s on your mind. Applications can also be added to your page. They can be useful or just for fun. Some include Flickr, Email Me Instead, Fishbowls, and Graffiti, but there are numerous ones to choose from.

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