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Social responsibility is responsibility of organisations for impact of their decisions

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Business organizations have walked up to the need for being committed towards Corporate Social Responsibility. But still majority have just been taking up some form of philanthropic activities for its stakeholders. Nurturing a strong corporate culture which emphasizes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) values and competencies is required to achieve the synergistic benefits. The employees of an organization occupy a central place in developing such a culture which underlines CSR values and competencies. The present study, therefore, is an attempt to explore the engagement of human resource management professionals in undertaking Corporate Social Responsibility. It also suggests Human Resource Management to take a leading role in encouraging CSR activities at all levels. The combined impact of CSR and human resource activities, which reinforce desirable behavior, can make a major contribution in creating long term success in organizations. Successful programmers on social responsibility rely heavily on enlightened people management practices. In this context HR department is assumed to be the coordinator of CSR activities in getting the employment relationship right which is a precondition for establishing effective relationships with external stakeholders and thus can orient the employees and the organization towards a socially responsible character.

Chapter 1




Corporate social responsibility expectations and requirements of stakeholders on corporate values and consistency in practice, not only as customers and investors are also employees, suppliers, communities, regulators, special interest in the community and groups. CSR describes a company's commitment to be accountable to its stakeholders. Demand economic and social and environmental consequences of their actions for the management of corporate social responsibility of companies to maximize benefits and minimize negative ones. Corporate social responsibility in society about the performance of duty, but must also gain a competitive advantage. Effective corporate social responsibility within the program, companies can: Improved access to capital Sharpen decision-making and risk reduction Improve brand image New markets to explore, including hidden features pre-business Low cost To attract and motivate employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility Overview

csr%20chapter%20page.jpg "Social responsibility (is the) responsibility of an organisation for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment through transparent and ethical behaviour that is consistent with sustainable development and the welfare of society; takes into account the expectations of stakeholders; is in compliance with applicable law and consistent with international norms of behaviour; and is integrated throughout the organisation."

Working definition, ISO 26000 Working Group on Social Responsibility,Sydney, February 2007

Corporate social responsibility is known by a number of other names as well. These corporate responsibility, corporate accountability and corporate ethics, corporate citizenship or supervision, responsible business, and triple line include several names. Too fast, a modern business practice is integrated into the corporate social responsibility issues, and there is a "responsible competitiveness" or, as it has in mind the tendency to "corporate sustainability". In general, it is clear that in a transparent and accountable social and environmental issues and economic values, culture and decision-making strategies and processes to integrate and develop best practices in this company, and create wealth and improve the performance of corporate social responsibility in society. A statement of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in the private sector's and CSR contribution to sustainable economic development. Laws and regulations, and corporate social responsibility, based on compliance with commitments and activities related to construction as a whole "outlaw" include: Corporate governance and ethics; Health and Safety; Environmental Management; Human Rights (including the fundamental rights at work); Sustainable Development; Safety and health, including working hours and wages) working conditions; Labour relations;

Chapter 2


CSR is now an important part of many companies and HR professionals perform major duties in the growing importance of corporate social responsibility in nourishing, initiating and developing CSR performance in the companies. Whereas some other companies have different CSR executives and they are in charge for managing events and coordinating, most of the companies expect HR professionals and also other workers to invest their personal time to participate in these type activities. In corporate scenario, these days' employees normally work about 8 to 10 hours daily but employers expect them for multitasking in their subject of work. For sustainability of CSR initiatives is a challenging situation in this kind of hectic pace of work. Consequently, Human Resource experts play a crucial part in the different areas of building tough organisational culture allying with core business ethics, nurturing relationship which is really perceptive to the society culture, getting all employees in dynamic community actions and measuring environment in direct to find all threats to the society. Human Resource section always plays a significant task in certifying that corporation take on Corporate Social Responsibility plan. Moreover, Human Resource department can handle the Corporate Social Responsibility plan performance and supervise its espousal proactively, although celebrating its achievement right through the corporation. Human Resources technology also can give assistance within a Corporate Social Responsibility prospect, as well as dropping the business carbon marks to advantage of the globe. Begin with following areas Encourage green exercise and implementation Encourage a culture of corporate social responsibility Success commemorate Communicating and sharing the different values of CSR with employees and to the society.

Implementation and Promoting Green Practices for CSR

Implementation green practices is to support in ecological waste diminution, whilst encouraging and promoting growth, better business beliefs and long-term exercises that support both corporate and personal accountability. Preservation has turn into an acknowledged way of manufacture our globe or planet improved. Plummeting every worker's carbon footstep is a big way of attaining energy preservation and also recycling dissipate inventiveness off the land. Some suggestions for the beginning steps: Recycling paper, bottles and cans in the organizations; identify departmental pains. Collection of donations and food for the victims of hurricanes and floods and also other natural disasters all over the world. Persuade shutting off lights and printers, computers and also other equipments after working hours and also on weekends for more energy diminutions. Work with them on the desktop to switch to a laptop computer. (90% of notebooks consume less power.)

HR Strategic Directions

The most important responsibility of human resource professional is to make aware the employees about the company's commitments to CSR and the range of different activities that employees can involve themselves. Initiatives of CSR can be incorporated in the beliefs of an organization and also understanding it within the core ethics and task statements of the corporation. CSR should be included in HR practices as one of the major strategic essential of the corporation's yearly goals and also make CSR everyone's business and do not consign it to any precise group of employees. HR experts also has to perform a very important part in implementing, defining and adding values and also monitoring CSR practices and policies, if they are also engage and meet the prospects of the key shareholders is that employees. If companies want to attract and appoint better quality staff they need to have better CSR prospective.

Challenges in HR & CSR Involvement

HR has to identify how CSR is associated to businesses and HR exercises. Human Resource departments have to get support for the CSR from outside and inside communicate consistently and organization. Human Resources for active trade finance, public relations, marketing, etc. need to collaborate with other working functions. Human resources departments have to get its top team on the board and understand how to sell the benefits of CSR to various stakeholders. Human resources should develop corporate codes based laws in the country to develop the existing laws, as well as to ensure social responsibility reporting and accountability and transparency of the system.
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